Meet Melonheads from Melonville

Melonheads are inhabitants of Melonville is a place where crazy things happen and more amazing, some of its inhabitants will make you relive emotions of the past or simply you will draw a smile, but none of them will surprise you all have something that will be familiar.


CycleStyle's Beautiful Pastel Photography

CycleStyle is an online store that sells cool accessories for your bike. Check out their Spring/Summer photoshoot to advertise their products.


Jonathon Bartlett's Storytelling Illustrations

Jonathon Bartlett is an illustrator from New York, who manages to tell some pretty cool stories in each of his artworks.


Beautiful Silhouette Drawings by Charmaine Olivia

Charmaine Olivia is a self taught artist from San Francisco uses ink on paper with kisses of paint to deliver subtle moods and beautiful dreams.


Racy Skateboard Decks by Marc Jacobs

New skateboard decks presented by Marc Jacobs feature photos by Juergen Teller. They are images from the Marc Jacobs Advertisement archives, featuring Lisa Marie (Spring 2000), Kate Moss (Fall 2000), Stephanie Seymour (Fall 2001) and M.I.A. (Spring 2009).


Adidas Concept Sneakers: Facebook For Your Feet

Conceptualized by Gerry McKay, here's a custom edition Adidas Superstars design for Facebook fanboys 'likers' at heart


Flamingos in Formation of a Big Pink Flamingo

National Geographic Photographer Rpbert Haas had the opportunity of a lifetime to capture this one-of-a-kind, splendid moment in nature. While shooting Caribbean flamingoes in the Mexican province of Yucatan, the flamingoes assumed the formation of all things.... a large pink flamingo.


Illustration: How iPhone, Android and Blackberry Users See Themselves

A hilarious illustration on how iPhone, Andriod and Blackberry users view themselves and others.


Fight Night Series by Michael Kennedy

Michael Kennedy, a talented photographer, documents fighters on their 'fight night'. The result is a series of raw, gritty yet serene and simple photos that are masterfully executed.


Ladies, Would You Wear?

Critically acclaimed designer Marloes ten Bhömer produces shoes that are both provocative and otherworldly. Her work fuses artistic and technological experiment in order to discover shoes anew.


Take Our Your Aggression on The Punch Me Panda

Ever felt like hitting something or someone? Well, artist provides a creative service where he dresses up in a wicked cool costume of a Panda and invites strangers to punch him.


20 Stunning Illustrations by David REVOY

David REVOY is a French, freelance illustrator who I imagine draw pictures all day, pictures that takes us to a new world or introduce us to new characters.


25 Illustrations of the Wicked West by Rafael Gallur is NSFW

Man, the days of the West. I'm not sure if it was exactly as portrayed in Rafael Gallur's illustration but I love it. They're so random and 100% guy oriented with hot girls, bashing and guns.


Gabriel Dawe's Rainbow Thread Art

Gabriel Dawe was born in Mexico City where he grew up surrounded by the intensity and color of Mexican culture. After working as a graphic designer, he moved to Montreal, Canada in 2000 following a desire to explore foreign land.


Delicious Ampersands: Illustrations by Dan Beckemeyer

Check out these funny typographic illustrations by Dan Beckemeyer, who puts a nice twist on combining foods by taking the ampersand sign and making it extremely yummy!


May the Force Of Typography Be With You

Clever Illustration by H-57 Creative Station of Milan.


Infographic Of The Day: The Tablet Takeover

iPads and other tablet hardware are about to make a big mark on consumers.


The Dipr Helps Dunk Your Cookies

The Dipr is a curious utensil that helps you better dunk your cookies in milk.


Breathtaking Landscapes as seen by Dan Holdsworth

Breathtaking Photography by Dan Holdsworth of Geneva, Switzerland.


Dystopia - Free Poster Download for Print

Dystopia: (via Wikipedia) ~ an often futuristic society that has degraded into a repressive and controlled state, often under the guise of being utopian.

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